An unparalleled natural experience!

For those who desire a landscape that refreshes the mind and frees the soul, this is an ideal choice.

We inform you that, in view of the new tourist season, the operation of the natural monument of the Butterfly Valley, which will be open to the public, starts from 12th of  April 2024.

The new pricing policy for the entrance ticket to the monument is as follows: 

From 12th April to 13th of June in the amount of three (3,00) Euro

From 14th June to 30th September in the amount of six (6,00) Euro

From 1st October to 31st October in the amount of three (3,00) Euro and

From 1st November until the upcoming tourist season, the Butterfly Valley will be closed.

Children under 12 years old will be admitted free of charge.

Yours sincerely
For the Board of Directors of DERMAE
The President, Lambis Chrysovalantis


A unique symbol of eternal evolution

For those who desire a landscape that refreshes the mind and frees the soul , this is the ideal choice, especially for families! Escape from your everyday obligations and try meditating in the shade under the majestic trees, surrounded by butterflies and wander the park that's filled with unparalleled beauty, admire nature's creations which will definitely bring you inner peace.


Discover a fascinating ecosystem

Valley's Ecosystem

Kalopetra Monument

As you follow the paths, towards the end of the valley and at the highest altitude, you will find a Holy Monument called Kalopetra which exists since 1484. It is built on an idyllic site with a breathtaking view of northern Rhodes. Its history will travel you back in time, through the centuries, as you observe the Greek and Italian architectural elements and the inscriptions on the structure which are made of marble.



  • Beautiful hike with loads of butterflies as you walk through... Stunning and we went with our 1 year old so perfect with kids.
    TripAdvisor Review
  • Such a cozy, heart warming place with lots of waterfalls and creatures!
    TripAdvisor Review
  • After strolling from the baking car park to the entrance of the valley I cannot describe how refreshing it was to meander along the path in the cool shade of the beautiful forest. I was not expecting much if I am being honest, maybe a few butterfly sightings, however, how wrong was I!! The butterflies they refer to are actually very colorful moths and there are thousands of them clinging to trees, rock and any other available surface. There were also lizards and fresh water crabs to be seen in abundance. The highlight was one of the staff gently waving a stick and getting a great swarm of butterflies to launch around the waiting crowd.
    TripAdvisor Review
  • This is a neat little oasis in the middle of the island.
    TripAdvisor Review
  • It was amazing to walk through such a beautiful forest and to see some of the butterflies.
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