Welcome to the Valley of Butterflies!

Dear visitors,

we welcome you to the unique Valley of the Butterflies, where the cycle of life begins, on the most fairytale- like route of Rhodes. Inside the green habitat with the lakes and the bridges, a special natural landscape emerges, which leads the visitor in search of the eternal symbol of evolution, the butterfly. The Panaxia moth, with its black and red wings, is waiting to guide you to its kingdom, where the only rule is silence.

In the valley you will feel like you are lost in another world, away from the noise, the stress, and constant thinking. Here, your mind will relax and your soul will be freed!

The trip to the Valley of the Butterflies is completed with a visit to the historic church of Kalopetra, where the natural landscape creates a sense of awe and peace.

The Mayor of Rhodes, Mr. Antonis Kampourakis, our associates and I personally wish you an unforgettable tour of the paths of the Valley!

Giannis Iatridis, President